Outside of the United States, some countries use very little domestic airfreight for their shipments. Instead, the fastest and most efficient way for them to handle high-priority domestic shipments is frequently to handle them by truck or by rail, especially in countries with reliable high-speed railway systems. The United States is a little different. We are a huge country and we do not have the same infrastructure as other countries where rail still remains a critical means of fast and efficient transport. Therefore, high-priority domestic shipments require airfreight transportation.

Of course, the problem with airfreight transportation is that it is, quite simply, more expensive than other freight options. This can leave you feeling vulnerable when you have a high-priority shipment, concerned that the costs of the delivery are going to have a burdensome impact on your business.

NPD is now an IATA Cargo Agent!

At NPD Logistics we understand that affordability is a legitimate business priority, and we work to try to present our clients with the most affordable domestic airfreight options in the business. We do this by working with a wide variety of commercial and passenger carriers, so that we can get the best values in airfreight pricing and pass them on to you. We also understand that most airfreight deliveries involve more than airfreight. Do you need someone to pick up your freight at one location and deliver it, from door-to-door to a second location? At NPD Logistics, we arrange all types of transportation- marine, rail, truck, and air, so that we can offer that door-to-door service.

Of course, our knowledge of other shipping methods has another benefit for our customers. Sometimes, a customer comes to us with a domestic airfreight request, believing that airfreight is the best way to ensure a guaranteed delivery at the destination location. By personalizing the experience for every customer, we help our customers determine when airfreight is their best option as well as pointing out when other types of delivery would provide greater affordability without sacrificing reliability.

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