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International Airfreight

Ship it across the globe, literally anywhere

When you need to ship something quickly and reliably across the globe, international airfreight is your only shipping option. While it is more expensive than other shipping methods, international airfreight is really the only shipping option that can reliably get your shipment to your desired destination at a guaranteed time. However, because air freight shipments must meet the same international shipping requirements as other types of shipments, and these requirements vary at each origination and destination country, using a logistics company without extensive experience in international airfreight shipments can introduce burdensome delays into the process.

At NPD Logistics, we have an established reputation and relationships with brokers around the world, which means that we can ensure that a shipper’s paperwork is in order for the destination country, and help expedite the shipping process.

Moreover, while customers may come to us with their international airfreight shipping needs, frequently they also need to arrange other forms of shipping. For international shipments, a parcel may travel by boat, rail, and ground transportation before reaching its final destination. At NPD Logistics, we are able to arrange all aspects of the shipping process, whether you want door-to-door delivery or to arrange for someone to pick up a shipment at your destination. Our ability to do this allows us to arrange overnight deliveries to and from most locations around the world.

When time and reliability are key, our customers choose air freight, but NPD Logistics also arranges shipments by rail and ship, making us the go-to choose for all of your international shipping needs.

Try NPD Logistics for your next international shipment and see the difference that an experienced, professional, reliable logistics company makes in your international shipping needs.

NPD is an FDA Registered Facility & an IATA Cargo Agent

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