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NYC & Jersey City Post Office Mail Pickup & Delivery

A Better Way to USPS

Sending and receiving large quantities of mail can be overwhelming. We can’t forget to send out important parcels, and if we have specialized pieces like Express or Priority mail, our daily trip to the post office can consume much of our day. 

We shouldn't have to worry about running to the post office when we have more important things to consider. And hiring personnel in-house to take care of this task might be prohibitively expensive and/or not practical. 

But there is a better way. Use a professional mail pickup & delivery service . 

With an intricate network of post office routes, a consistent and customer-driven schedule, and inter-office trips available, NPD can pick up and deliver US Mail from any post office location in New York City and Jersey City, NJ

Certified | Express | Priority | COD packages | Interoffice material 

Daily delivery and pickup or intermittent services available. Friendly & reliable drivers. Streamline your mail & delivery needs. Less stress. Less worry. More productivity.  Save time and money with NPD.

npd logistics nyc mail pickup and delivery

Mail Pickup & Delivery Details

Increased visibility, precision, and time-determined delivery with the USPS. 

Does your current mail delivery set up just not cut it? No structure? Inconvenient pickup and delivery windows?

To get work done faster and send out checks, packages and other mail ASAP, opt for two pick ups per day from a trusted provider. A typical post office pickup and delivery plan might look like this: 1-3 buckets per day, 21.5 working days/month = 63 buckets per month. Flat fee, paid 1st of the month. 

Getting started:

  • Takes about three days. 
  • Includes filling out forms like a Letter of Authorization from the post office.
  • Involves paying post office fees. 

Have an old location that still gets mail? A mail pickup delivery service might be your perfect solution. Say you spend $400/month on pail pickup and delivery. That might represent serious savings compared to sending an employee to the post office for an hour each day. 

NPD is one of only three NYC courier and messenger services with the authorization and credentials to serve the Freedom Tower.

Get your packages where they need to go, fast!

FDA Registered Facility & IATA Cargo Agent

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