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Archive Storage & Record Management

Keep your important documents safe, and accessible
Managing your records onsite can take up valuable time and space. Whether you choose to handle them on the computer or you want to keep them all in file cabinets, they accumulate quickly. It's not just about the records generated when an order comes in from a customer. You also need to track that order through the system, update the records properly, and close them out when the order is completed. Additionally, you'll want to keep proper records on other aspects of your business. All of your employees need their own records, so you can track when they were hired, what they are paid, and other issues that arise such as raises and disciplinary actions. Vendors also need records. Your company will need to know which suppliers to reach out to for what products and services, so as to keep costs down and the business moving in the right direction. The better your record keeping, the less of a worry you'll have – but you need the space and organization for all those records, as well.

Let NPD Logistics Record Storage customize a records management solution that fits your company. We can work with you to come up with a solution that is just right for your business. Then you won't have to worry about where your records are or how they are being handled. They can be stored off-site to save you a lot of space, but at the same time you will know where they are and that they are close by when you need access to them. You can keep a large number of files on your computer and get the information you need when a customer or vender calls in, but the paper copies of records aren't something you need to be able to put your hands on every second of the day. Having them elsewhere just means more room for you to expand your business and get things done with efficiency. With NPD's fast record retrieval, you have options for three-hour, same day, or next day delivery. Your records will be safe, and you know you can get to them quickly when needed.

NPD is an FDA Registered Facility & an IATA Cargo Agent

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