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Packing & Crating

Secure shipment for large or specialty products

Committed to providing the quickest and most reliable same-day service in New York City, and deliveries throughout the tri-state area.

You have an awesome product and you want to get that awesome product to another location, but you are stumped about the best way to pack or crate it to have it arrive safely and reliably at your destination. The problem is more common than you would imagine. Developing a great product does not translate into developing the experience in shipping to know how to make sure it arrives at your destination in great shape. NPD Logistics is happy to announce that we are adding packing and crating to our logistics services. We can make sure your items are packed safely and securely, and in compliance with any national and international shipping regulations you may encounter.

A good crating company has to start with good crates, and we have chosen industry-leading crates.

Do your crates have to meet a higher standard? We offer government-approved crates for military shipments and Heat Treated Certified crates for exports. Some shipments must be fumigated and meet the standards of the new international “No Bugs” label; we provide those crates, and they are even durable enough for repeated re-use. We can also help you arrange crates for trade shows, customized to help display your wares after shipping.

Call us today and find out what we can do for your company; you might be surprised to discover that an expert logistics company easily pays for itself by reducing your storage overhead and your costs associated with expediting orders. Our basic crates are reusable plywood; the panels are held together with custom-sized attachments, and the different size availability of panels means that we can create a crate in any size and shape. Plywood has significant advantages over other crating materials; it is a great choice for heavy shipments and is durable enough to practically damage-proof your contents.

While packing and crating may start with a good, strong crate, they do not end there; the contents of the crate have to secured with quality blocking and bracing to ensure that they do not shift during the shipping process. What we use to block, brace, and package your item depends on what you are shipping. However, we are specialists at transporting fragile, expensive, or oversized materials. We bring the same high-quality, affordable reliability to our packing and crating services that we offer in the rest of our logistics services.

NPD is an FDA Registered Facility & an IATA Cargo Agent

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