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Freight Management

Get efficient & save more money

Committed to providing the quickest and most reliable same-day service in New York City, and deliveries throughout the tri-state area.

NPD Logistics provides you with everything you need to manage your freight the right way, by creating a comprehensive and seamless freight management solution that will be uniquely suited to your company's operational needs. That is done by working with your operation, warehouse, sales, and purchasing departments. The NPD Freight Management Service ensures that your supply chain needs are met, and so are your sales commitments to your customers. While it is very important that your supply chain keeps moving, you can't succeed as a business if you are not keeping your customers happy. When you promise them a specific amount of product on a certain date, they are counting on you to deliver. Let us help you make sure you can keep your promises. Issues can come up, as well, and when issues with vendor compliance, carrier freight rating, and lead times arise NPD handles these problems, allowing you to focus on the challenge of increasing your company's profits.

The NPD Freight Management Service provides training to all personnel deemed necessary in freight. Receiving procedures, claims investigation, and recovery services are all covered and taught to everyone who will be involved in handling your freight. You won't have any worries about people not understanding the scope of their job or not being able to handle your items correctly. That protects you financially and gives you peace of mind you just won't get with other carriers. Sometimes, no matter how careful a company is, an accident occurs. Should there be need to make a claim, NPD will assist in claim form preparation, proper documentation procedures, and the filing of the claim. We want to make sure you have a good experience with us, and that you continue to use our services to ship your freight where it needs to go. Whether you have a small amount going to the next town or a truckload headed across the country, we are the people for the job.

Why Companies Use NPD Freight Management?

  • Control and reduce operating costs
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Mitigate spiraling payroll costs by eliminating the multiple personnel needed to manage shipping
  • Utilization of partnership approach to freight management saves you 20-25% on your shipping charges
  • Function difficult to manage/out of control shipping needs and inventories
  • Our logistics management services handle all third party logistics involving your shipping.
  • Online Order Entry, Shipment upload and Shipment Tracking System
  • Improve company focus by eliminating a need for shipping personnel
  • Free up internal resources and capital for other purposess

NPD is an FDA Registered Facility & an IATA Cargo Agent

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