In the world of expedited shipping, the term NFO has a very specific meaning. It means “Next Flight Out” and it refers to the absolute fastest way to get freight from one point to the next. NPD Logistics is proud to be one of the best NFO shippers around, with the ability to offer same-day shipments to and from many locations, and shipments in a 24 hour time window in many others.

NPD is now an IATA Cargo Agent!

However, the term NFO can actually be a little misleading. Think about the last time that you sat down to make reservations on an airline. Surely you noticed that some later flights had earlier arrival times than some earlier flights. These differences in flight time can be due to stops but can also be due to differences in flight patterns. Plus, in a location like the tri-state area, the wide variety of departure airports opens up the possibility for flight times. Depending on the desired arrival area, there may be numerous arrival airports to select as well. What that means is that NFO service is not as simple as choosing the next scheduled flight from a single airport to a destination airport. Instead, to make shipping time as quick as possible, it is sent on the flight where it will arrive the fastest.

NFO shipment is not simply about the flight, either. We understand that NFO shipments are urgent, the highest priority shipments that we handle, and frequently the highest priority shipments for our customers, as well. That is why our NFO shipments come with door-to-door delivery and are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. We offer NFO service to domestic and international destinations, and each shipment is individually monitored to ensure that it gets there as quickly as possible. For international destinations, this individual monitoring also helps expedite clearance time for customs, so that your delivery is not unduly delayed by red-tape.

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