Does your firm really know what they are spending?

Enter your administration officer's salary, the amount of time each day they spend out of the office with those irritating mail runs. If your using an outside service enter the amount of money you spend each week on couriers, and we'll show you how much it's costing you.

In addition to your costs consider your liability issues

Workplace laws have changed. Are you prepared to take on the insurance and liability risks?

Consider the following when your staff is out of the office on routine errands:

  • Incidents outside their control- ex. slipping on wet or icy pavement, vehicle accidents.
  • Your workplace being disrupted when staff are out-of-the-office or on leave.
  • Increases in company-wide premiums when a claim is made for an accident incurred during a non-core business activity.
Admin Officer / Support Staff Annual Salary
Hrs / day away from desk
Weekly spend on permanent couriers